Saddlery Solutions offers:

Onsite and In Shop Adjustment and Repair

We travel with the tools needed to reflock the panels and adjust your saddle tree onsite so you aren’t without your equipment and get same day satisfaction.  We also have a full stocked shop for any adjustments or repairs that need to be performed long distance.

Billets – Long
Billet color will be matched to your saddle.  New billet may look different than current billets if only one billet is being replaced.
not rated $45.00
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Billets – Short
Billet color and length will be matched to your current saddle. Billet may look different than other billets if you are only getting one replaced
not rated $35.00
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Reflocking – All New Wool
Sometimes a saddle needs all new wool in order to be able to be fitted or because the wool is old and no longer able to be flocked.  There may be an additional charge if the panel needs to be removed from the saddle in order to change out the flocking. Add restitching to cart here.
not rated $295.00
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Reflocking – General (No Measurements)
A general reflocking is intended to smooth or even out the existing flocking in a saddle. This repair does not fit the saddle to a specific horse only resets the flocking to a smooth even setting.
not rated $100.00
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Reflocking – Specific (Fit to Horse Measurements)
Reflocking to a specific horse requires tracings, pictures and video to be sent in ahead of the saddle to make sure that our fitter can adjust the saddle as required. This information will be assessed and if it can be adjusted the saddle can be sent into our shop for adjustment. (See link to measurement instructions in description tab below)    
not rated $150.00
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Restitching – Cantle or Pommel
During a repair sometimes the panel needs to be removed at the back or the front.  Either of these fall under the $55 price.  If both need to be done it is $110.00.
not rated $55.00
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Tree Adjustment – General
This is for saddles that need to be pro-fit or returned to neutral from being fitted to a specific horse. There is no fit guarantee with this repair as it is not fitted to any measurements.
not rated $75.00
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Tree Adjustment – Specific (Fit to Horse Measurements)
Angle and width will be adjusted to the measurements provided. This is only available on saddles that have trees which can be adjusted. (Please call or email to find out if your saddle can be adjusted before choosing this item).
not rated $100.00
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Tree Adjustment & Reflocking (blended)
If both tree and flocking need to be adjusted it is a blended fee of $195 for both repairs. This is applicable with measurements only.
not rated $195.00
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