That’s amazing that she changed so much within the short time. I have been riding her a lot and I do feel like she is filling out quite a bit. I am noticing a huge difference with the new saddle and I am super happy with my purchase. She stopped her head shaking during lessons and she doesn’t seem to have the sore spots along her spine anymore. You really did a great job with your consultation and the fitting!
–Sarah, CA

Since my first saddle fitting with Kristen in 2006, I have been completely thrilled with her work. She is concerned with not just fitting the horse but also fitting the rider. If you have questions, she is more than happy to answer them.
-Elisha, LA

Kristen has helped my horses over the years. She is very knowledgeable in fitting the saddle and making your horse comfortable. I won’t trust anyone, but her to keep my horses sound.
JoAnne, OK

The best thing I have done for my horse is have my saddles evaluated by Kristen. Kristen has a thorough knowledge of equine anatomy, and she is meticulous about evaluating how the saddle fits the horse and rider. I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience. -Marilyn DVM, LA

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If you are interested in having YOUR horse evaluated for saddle fit please click here and send us some information to see how Saddlery Solutions can help YOU!

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If you are interested in having YOUR horse evaluated for saddle fit please click here and send us some information to see how Saddlery Solutions can help YOU!  

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