Stubben Genesis Deluxe – 17.5″ – 28 – Biomex Seat


Stubben’s popular dressage model features an extra deep seat, unique detailing to the back of the seat, and hinged knee rolls that lay flat against the horse’s side when the saddle is girthed.

Stübben has partnered with Biomex* Technology Center at Klinic Gut, a leading hospital for orthopedics and sports medicine in Switzerland, to create an innovative seat design that can greatly reduce a rider’s back pain. Introducing the Patent Pending Stübben Biomex*… it will revolutionize your idea of a comfortable saddle.

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Biomex* is available on all Stübben saddles except for our Youth and Icelandic models.

Many riders (studies say over half) suffer from back pain, especially after they ride. When riding on a horse, the force exerted on the spine flows mainly through the seat bones. Pressure on these seat bones and the extremely sensitive soft tissues around them can cause pain. The Stübben Biomex* cushions the seat bones with two kidney-shaped pads, which absorb impact and relieve spinal stress. In addition, the depression between the kidney-shaped pads also plays a crucial role, as it substantially lessens any possible pressure on the soft tissues surrounding the seat bones (see the oval areas on the diagrams below). In scientific comparisons with conventional saddles, seat pressure measurements at various gaits show that the Stübben Biomex* provides much greater relief in the seat bone area and the surrounding soft tissues.

Stübben Biomex Seat Pressure Charts



Peak pressure on the seat (Ischial) bones was reduced in all gaits (red areas). The black ellipses mark the position of the soft tissues between the seat bones. The pressure on these sensitive soft tissues was also reduced in all gaits.

Measurement method:
Dynamic – in gaits (Left lead at a canter and walk)
Measurement method:
Tekscan pressure measuring film
Measurement graphic result:
Averaged values from 400 individual images

The Stübben Biomex* can lead to reduced back pain, pure and simple. It also promotes good riding posture and protects your most sensitive areas (and it’s a Stübben, so you know it’s good for your horse).

Click here to see what Biomex* riders are saying about their experience with this new technology.

* Our Biomex Design is Patent Pending.



Size – 17.5″

Tree – 28 (MN)

Flocking – Wool

Thigh Blocks – Medium – On Velcro

Condition – Used/Good

Serial# – 64928

Upgrades – Biomex Seat **