Schleese Triumph Dressage Saddle – Black – 17″ – FLAIR


This Schleese Triumph dressage saddle comes with the patented Schleese ADAPTREE system that allows the tree to be completely adjustable for almost any horse back.  The panels are flocked with FLAIR (see below) and can also be customized and fitted to your horse.  If you are looking for a custom fit without the custom cost this might be the saddle for you!

This saddle also comes equipped with the Schleese system that is built specifically for women.  This ensures a comfortable ride without any rubbing or pinching.  This saddle is a mono flap for optimal close contact to the horse.

There is also the option to have the saddle fitted to tracings and measurements before shipping.  You can submit Tracings, Video, and Pictures to for review to see if this saddle can be fitted to your horse and get a quote for that work to be done.  The saddle can also be delivered and fit on site for horses located in the Bay Area


Flair – The Air Flocking System

Flair is Air Flocking. Yes, the panels of the saddle are filled with air! And, yes it is proven by pressure testing to be the best thing you can do for the comfort of your horse!

Flair is a system of four air bags which provide a soft, flexible and even bearing surface without pressure points.

Unlike a flocked saddle, the adjustments are quickly made whilst the rider sits on the horse. You or your saddler can adjust and balance the saddle perfectly both front to back and side to side even if the horse has uneven muscle development. Flair air bags do not need further adjustment unless your horse changes shape, when it only takes a few minutes to alter again.




Size: 17″

Tree: M (Adjustable XW-N)

Flocking: FLAIR**

Thigh Blocks: Large (Velcro – Adjustable)

Condition: Used

Serial#: 7827S1207


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