Albion – Platinum Revelation – 17.5″ – Black


  • A luxurious monoflap dressage saddle that offers a unique level of fit, comfort, and stability.
  • Ensures greater freedom of movement for the horse’s shoulder, wither, and back area, maximizing performance.
  • Made in England
  • Color: Black
  • Built on Genesis® saddle tree (An authorized Albion representative can install a new head fitting to change the tree’s width if your horse changes shape or you change horses.)
  • Switch-panel system ( Platinum panels are on rails and don’t lace in like conventional panels. This allows an authorized Albion representative to change the panel to one of a different depth or length if your horse changes or you change horses.)
  • V-billeting system with webbing that allows for alternate positioning.
  • All saddles in the Albion Revelation Red Label range are made with its signature hint of red.


Size – 17.5″

Tree Width – Medium

Flocking – Wool

Thigh Blocks – External – Fixed

Condition – Used (good)

Serial # – 86509


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