Payton and Ollie help explain tree angle!

I get a lot of questions about tree width and tree angle when I am explaining saddle fit. I put together this video with the help of Fine Used Saddles and a talented junior rider I work with, Payton, and I hope it offers a little bit of explanation on why tree angle is so important!

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  2. […] this blog so far I have had many illustrations of how English saddles fit and why tree angle is so important.  Last week I had the opportunity to help a client in ordering a western saddle […]

  3. […] addressed as well. But even after I adjusted the tree and got the angles correct (see this video on Payton and Ollie help explain tree angle!) the billets were still sitting behind the girth area for this horse and the saddle still wanted to […]

    • Debbie

      Hi, No matter what saddle I fit for my horse it still slips forward .
      I think I may understand why. The bullets fall behind the girth area and the girth is pulling the saddle forward no matter what saddle I sit on .
      1. How can I change the place of the bullets on my saddle? Do I need a professional to do this ? I have an Albion SLK saddle.
      2. Last week I used a foregrith for the first time and it seems to have solved the sliding forward of the saddle . I want to ask where exactly should I place the foregirth on the horse ? In front of the shoulder or on the shoulder ? and is it a good solution to use a fortegirth for a long period of time ?

      • Kristen Vlietstra - Saddlery Solutions

        Debbie – Sorry for the delay in the reply your post got lost in the midst of some SPAM comments. You will need a professional to do this but first step could you send me some pictures to Check out my photo instructions page under the fitting section of my website. If you send me that info I can better answer your question!