One of my initial goals in creating Saddlery Solutions was to offer an impartial analysis of horse and rider and the equipment they are currently using.  Because of my fit philosophy I am very passionate about saddles that can grow and change with the horse.  While I am stocking several of those brands as used options for my clients, I also wanted to explore what I could offer in new saddles that I felt fit the philosophy of equine biomechanics and how horse’s back change but also are also of high quality and beautifully made.


sommer-backThrough 16+ years in the fitting industry the Sommer saddles have always stood out to me as  beautifully made product with so many options for not only fitting the horse but also for the rider to really make the saddle their own!


From English to Western to Endurance, Sommer offers a comprehensive line of fully adjustable saddles and so am I very happy that I am able to offer their products through saddlery solutions!

Please click the links below to read more about the variety of beautifully made saddles Saddlery Solutions is proud to offer as adjustable and ergonomic solutions for both horse and rider.



All Purpose

Who is Sommer?

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