Saddlery Solutions is happy to announce that we will be offering the full line of Sommer Dressage saddles. A dressage saddle that can truly be customized for YOU and fitted to YOUR horse!

flexusWith all of the options in the full line of Sommer dressage saddles there are infinite possibilities to fit both horse and rider.


With their patented Sommer Flexus tree the saddle can be adjusted to custom fit the horse’s measurements.  Additionally, the saddle can be refitted again and again to the same horse as he changes and grows.  With an industry leading 20 year warranty on the tree the customer can have complete confidence that they are getting a good fit but also can continue to achieve that good fit in the same saddle going forward.

Having the confidence that the saddle will fit your horse is critically important to the rider and owner, but once we have achieved that Sommer offer an infinite number of ways tocantle-2 customize the saddle to the rider if desired.  From a classical and beautiful black dressage saddles, offered in a variety of high quality leathers,  to several different prints, colors, and options to make the saddle truly your own.  Whether you want a more time-honored, understated saddle or a statement piece the choice is yours!