Our Consignment Policies


We offer a full service consignment service at the competitive flat rate of 20%.

No matter how perfect your saddle seems as is, we have the experience to make it look even better through our careful detailing process. Your saddle will be photographed from several angles and displayed in each listing. Photos can be zoomed into for detail so that there are no surprises when your saddle is received by someone for trial. We provide a thorough, accurate description of each saddle. We send your saddle out on trials in the safest way possible and work hard to keep this a worry free process for everyone involved.


All saddles must arrive reasonably clean and in good condition. Your saddle must not have any rips or tears in the leather. Billets need to be safe and if necessary we can discuss replacing them once we receive your saddle. Trees need to be sound and balanced. We reserve the right to not accept for sale any saddle for the above reasons. However, never hesitate to ask about your particular situation.
If you would like to consign your saddle with Saddlery Solutions, please fill out the consignment application at the bottom of this page. After you have submitted your application please click on the add pictures here link to send preliminary pictures of your saddles.
After your application is reviewed we will contact you. If your saddle is accepted you will then be provided with instructions on shipping or local drop off, as well any other details you will need to know specific to your application.
In order to maintain this site as a reliable resource for those seeking the highest quality used saddles, we are pretty exclusively accepting only the brands listed in the consignment form below for inclusion on this site. However, if you feel like your saddle’s maker should be on the list and is not, please do let us know!


Please do not send your saddle in until you have been contacted by Saddlery Solutions and have instructions on how to ship or drop off the saddle.  We will contact you shortly after your form is submitted with more information.

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