Equine Wither Soreness: What can it mean?

TweetEmail TweetEmailI am always looking for good examples of how horses change when they are worked under saddle.  Last week I came across a great one. There was an added bonus that he also gets regular care from an equine body … Read More

Top 5 Saddle Fitting Mistakes

TweetEmail TweetEmailI wanted to do a quick rundown of the top 5 saddle fitting errors or issues that I run into when consulting on saddle fit.  First of all, the symptoms I have listed can have other causes.  But if … Read More

The Equine Spine – Let’s Talk Tension!

TweetEmail TweetEmailOften in any kind of equine sport the word TENSION might as well be a four letter word and is much to be avoided.  This is absolutely correct except one large and important exception.  I am talking the spine.  The … Read More

In a Tight Spot! – Where should my girth/cinch go?

TweetEmail TweetEmailThis was a topic at my saddle fittings in Carmel Valley this last weekend and it inspired me to put some pictures together to explain different girth/cinch positions depending on your horse’s conformation.  Also saddle moving backwards or forwards … Read More

Saddle Pads Part 3 – Dust Patterns Decoded

TweetEmail TweetEmailThe most common pictures that I receive when being asked if a saddle is bridging or not are these:   It is thought that the areas with no dust are an indication that the saddle is not touching in … Read More